Review: Dietrich Bra and Brief


Kiss Me Deadly have been a firm favourite of mine since I first fell head-first into the lingerie blogosphere in 2012: eagerly trawling through archives of reviews, excitedly discovering new brands and writers alike. Its mix of cheeky sex-appeal with 40s/50s styles was always going to be a winner with this lover of vintage styling and burlesque. For years my pant and suspender collection grew, but with no DD+ options I was sadly remiss of the chance to strap myself into the matching bras.

That was, until last year, when their kick-starter allowed them to expand the size range of some of their bra styles. While neither the Pankhurst or the Angelou quite tempted me enough, I knew the second the Dietrich was released that I would be treating myself to the set. When the Black Friday sales came around, conveniently at the same time as my birthday, I snapped up the bra and brief.


And yes, while it looks like I’m wearing a body suit this is indeed a separate bra and brief. The fact that it looks like an all-in-one but with the added ease of existing as two separate pieces was definitely part of the appeal for me. I bought the bra in a 32E which is one sister-size up from my usual 30F, and which I would have done even if 30 backs were an option. As I hold some fat around the top of my stomach (post-partum body changes y’all, don’t know if I’ll ever truly shift that lil’ bump) I find long-lines more comfortable in a size up.

The briefs I bought in a medium which is my current usual KMD size to fit my 29″ waist and 37″ hips. Having a short torso, there’s a small overlap between the bra and briefs, but to me this just emphasises the body suit look, so I’m actually pleased with it. There is also a ring of silicone at the base of the long-line which would keep it nicely in place on your skin; but for me grips the top of the pants well, keeping the two together.


The cups of the bra are lightly padded and well-structured, giving me a significant cleavage boost. I’m not a bra fit expert but I find the wires quite narrow for my wide-rooted breasts which results in a little over-spill under my arms. This doesn’t bother me as I see this as more of a “fashion” bra than an every-day support one. As well as this I know a lot of DD+ bloggers complain about many brands making wires too wide for their narrow-rooted breasts so KMD could be a good fit for many, I’d imagine. The only issue I’ve ran into is that, although the straps are detachable, without them the cups aren’t firm enough to support the weight of my breasts.


This definitely hasn’t impacted the wear-ability of this set as it’s been in my regular rotation since buying it. The incredibly high-waist of the briefs means I don’t have any suspender belts to wear over the top of them, but I find wearing my Agent Provocateur Jena suspender underneath works well to keep stockings up without compromising the style of the set.

It’s also amazingly comfortable for something which looks so structured. The long-line is the farthest reaching of any I’ve tried on (which is especially significant in DD+ styles as often the larger cups end up eating up the band) and smooths my upper-torso without pinching. There’s no shaping to the briefs, but the continuing line between them and the bra make for a smooth shape under tight clothing.



Finally, while the details aren’t too obvious in these photos (I’m pretty sure I remember Catherine of KMD writing about the difficulty in photographing this set, which is more visible through Morgana’s lighting magic) they really are perfection. Super soft satin with lace overlay panels and wonderful little tuxedo-esque satin covered buttons on the centre gore and on the briefs too. It’s certainly very true to the style of its name-sake. The mesh on the back also lends a flirty edge and allows for a little extra stretch when needed. I find the black satin and mesh work well with my Van Doren pin up knicker, and I know the Beauvoir set is made from the same lace, so there are numerable ways to mix and match this set with other KMD styles.

I’m definitely impressed by KMD’s first year of DD+ styles and hope there will be much more to come. It’s nice starting out my first review in a year on such a positive note. I’d also like to give a shout out to a lovely boyfriend who is more used to taking pictures of wildlife; but was willing to put up with directing my awkward body into something presentable, while working with dull Scottish light coming through rain clouds. Hopefully this review is as useful to you, reader, as it was fun for me to put together.


2 thoughts on “Review: Dietrich Bra and Brief

  1. I hear you on the difficulties of taking photos with nearly no light! I think they/you look great in a ‘moody’ way.
    I love this bra but sadly I can’t afford it! I do have their Angelou bra which I picked up in the sale and I am now *quite* a KMD fan!

    I do have a question for you, I think ages ago you reviewed an Adina Ray bra, the red one? It’s currently on a wish list and I was wondering what you think of it so many months later? Is it still lovely and wonderful or would I perhaps be better off saving for something else?

    Glad to see your back blogging!


    1. Thank you so much, “moody” is definitely the word 😉

      And you’re right, glad to hear you’re still reading my reviews a year on! I still adore the “Fran” bra, and it’s really held up well in the year I’ve owned it. No regrets from me on that one.

      Much love x

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