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Mira is my second set from Fortnight lingerie- an independent brand running out of Toronto, Canada. With an emphasis on beautifully minimal designs, the team of women behind these gorgeous pieces describe them as, “architectural”: an apt word to capture the carefully stitched, wireless creations. A rarity in the lingerie world, Fortnight famously make their bralettes in UK sizes ranging from 32A – 34F, as well as 36A-E and 30B-F. Here I am wearing the Mira longline in a 30F and the bikini pant in a medium.

As someone who loves wireless bras but often struggles to find well fitting options (never mind supportive ones) for my 37″ chest and 29″ underbust, I have been rather enamoured by Fortnight for a few years now. I originally bought their Vega longline bra and bikini pant in sable (now discontinued, but available in other colourways on Fortnight’s website) during a Black Friday deal which gave me 30% off as well as free shipping. While the prices can look intimidating at first glance, the exchange rate between Canada and the UK is very favourable to us Brits. This was made even better by the discount code, though of course I had to pay the UK’s exorbitant customs charges when my set arrived. For this reason it took me another year, and for the same deal to roll round again, for me to purchase the Mira set.


I am so glad that I decided to make the splurge again. While the Vega set proved comfortable, the lack of tension in the lace cups and band never quite fitted to my body enough order to give significant lift, merely a comfortable amount of minor support. Vera, on the other hand, is constructed of an Italian stretch jersey which beautifully stretches around my bust, lifting and shaping. Alongside this, the rose patterned French lace of the band is reinforced and sits snugly around my underbust allowing for some really amazing support considering the lack of wires.

This seems to mirror, and perhaps even precursor, the trend in contemporary lingerie designs of moving away from the hyper-sculpted and moulded push up effect. Instead we are seeing an embracing of natural shape and form. I’ve always struggled with my body image around my breasts, feeling they made me look top heavy and, after child birth and 13 months of breastfeeding, worrying about them not being perky or full enough. However Fortnight’s designs make me feel beautiful, even when my breasts aren’t miraculously defying gravity somewhere around my chin.


The Mira set also happens to be one of the most comfortable and practical lingerie sets I own. For some reason that gorgeous burgundy isn’t quite as obvious as black under pale clothing. Also without added accessories (i.e. those apparently necessary bows flecked across every lingerie set) the set sits smoothly under tight clothing. Other small details I appreciate are the fully adjustable straps which are accessible from the front (thank you!!!) and moisture wicking jersey on both the bra and pant which makes them suitable to workout in.

I also have to give a shout out to their off-white gussets which I assume are an unbleached cotton. The soft support Mira allows makes it a go-to when I am PMSing and my breasts are aching. However this has resulted in regular spotting incidents, or just all out blood baths. So much so that I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve –successfully- scrubbed my period out of these pants. That being said, both bra and pant have truly stood the test of time. After four months of regular wear and careful hand washing the colour has stayed true and there are no fraying seams or loose threads.


Overall I really love this set and it’s definitely convinced me that Fortnight would be worth saving up in the future to buy a set at full price. It is amazingly comfortable, fits like a dream, and I feel like a Pre-Raphaelite painting with these wine coloured roses winding around my body. No other bralette I have ever owned has even given me this much support while staying so intact. I would highly recommend Fortnight to any full bust lingerie fan who’s looking for a break from wired styles. Or even just someone interested in beautiful designs.

As always I am happy to answer any questions in the comments, or over on Instagram.



Photography by Edward Curley.


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